NASSCOM Emergeout Conclave

One of the unique initiatives of this conclave was recognition of great potential companies in the making. 10 companies were awarded out of 50 identified emerging companies from a total of 205 entries received from 22 cities.

What I attended was the third edition in the Emergeout conclave and the theme was “Cloud Computing – A wave of opportunities for SMBs”. It was a forum for likeminded people to learn from the industry leaders the potential for “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model and work out the mantra for success for them. According to one of the speakers, there are 8 million SMBs in India with around 35 million employees and 10 million potential users of cloud computing which would also provide computing to the next billion IT users.

The sessions in the conclave was a mix for people who wanted to know how organizations in cloud computing space have excelled , kind of challenges faced , go-to-market strategy, organizations that have adopted SaaS and the vision to convergence in SaaS delivery.

There were eminent speakers like Dr. Jai Menon-Group CIO Bharti Enterprise, Prasad Ram-Head Engineering,Google India, Steve McWhirter- President,APAC, and it was absolute delight to listen to them. While Prasad spoke more from developer’s point of view, Steve talked about the benefits of SaaS model and success of

Out of all the presentations, we found Dr. Jai Menon’s the most engaging which showed the way to the future. He laid a a hypothesis that very soon the Cloud/SaaS Industry Ecosystem will comprise of 3 players with complementary strengths:
1.Services Providers (Airtel etc)
2.Small Players (Nivio, ZOHO etc) – ‘equally important’ mentioned by Dr Jai.
3.Big Players (IBM, TCS, Google etc)

The presentation was summarized with 3 conclusions:
a.SMBs seek a one stop shop for their ICT stack
b.Industry ecosystem will have to bring in combined strengths of big IT players, small IT players and service providers
c.SaaS requires at least equal (if not more) emphasis on the “second S” – reach, barrier to entry, serviceability, upgrade path etc.


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